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Welcome to Kerala Vaidyashala

Green Gram Wellness Village is an important component of Kerala Vaidyashala situated in God’s Own Country, Kerala, India. It was founded by Mr. Harshajeet Kuroop
(CEO and Managing Director) and Dr. Suguna Kuroop, (Director, Kerala Vaidyashala). To give you a brief on Kerala Vaidyashala - They are a highly skilled team of committed practitioners of Ayurveda and play an important role in promoting the benefits of Ayurveda and Ayurvedic treatments to the masses in today’s world. Ayurveda is an ancient system of medicine that originated in India thousands of years ago and it revolves majorly around balancing human activities in a way that is most beneficial to us humans. Everything that is done or consumed by us needs to be in moderation and Ayurveda teaches us the right way to live to ensure we find and maintain our equilibrium to lead a healthy and satisfactory life.

Green Gram Wellness Village is situated in the greenery of Elavoor Village, by the banks of river Periyar in Kerala. It is a 20 minute drive from the Cochin International Airport, the Aluva Railway Station and the Angamaly and Aluva Bus Stands. The accessibility factor ensures fewer hassles while travelling to and fro the wellness village. Elavoor is a mesmerising village with its rich natural resources. It is host to various medicinal plants along with other local plantations. The locals are compassionate and have always lived a life close to nature. With religious places of worship for diversified beliefs, traditional festivals and art, you will find numerous facets of the rich culture Elavoor has always had.

Green Gram Wellness Village is an innovative way of being close to nature and experiencing holistic healing through one or more of the traditional therapies like Yoga, Ayurveda, Naturopathy etc. As mentioned earlier, we are located in the greenery of Elavoor Village by the banks of river Periyar and the location is chosen specifically to take you closest to nature. While Green Gram was being built, we made sure that no trees were cut to preserve and make the most of the natural resources available to us. We provide rejuvenation and treatment solutions for various ailments like arthritis, joint pains, paralysis, skin, hair conditions etc.

Here’s a quick brief about our founders.

The founders Mr. Harshajeet Kuroop and his wife Dr. Suguna Kuroop are committed towards providing complete and balanced healing solutions through Ayurveda and the new age idea of rejuvenation for the past 22 years. Mr. Harshajeet Kuroop is a professional from the Hospitality and Tourism Industry with an abundance of experience in tourism, health and wellness. His astounding capabilities and Business skills have led him to head Kerala Vaidyashala and bring about successful results. He was the first to introduce the concept of eco-tourism in metro cities in India and has been one of the prime promoters of the Kerala Tourism Sector. Imagination coupled with innovation has always been his way and it is very well proved by the concepts he has created some of which are - Cruise Spas, Health Car Rallies and Herbal Juice Bars which have won awards and recognitions by BBC, CNBC, Times Group and many more print and electronic media.

Dr. Suguna Kuroop is the pillar of the Kerala Vaidyashala and the Green Gram Wellness Village. After completing a Bachelor’s Degree in Science from Bombay University, she achieved a Degree in Bachelor’s of Ayurvedic Medicine and Surgery with honours from the Rajiv Gandhi University, Karnataka. She provides consultation to the patients and also looks into the functioning of the Human Resources, Administration and Marketing departments to ensure smooth operations. She has always been committed and contributed her best through extensive research and has written papers on various Ayurvedic treatments like the benefits of Patanga, Alcoholism and Ayurvedic preparations to combat it etc. She is well versed in English, Hindi, Marathi, Malayalam, Kannada and Tamil and has played an important role in spreading awareness and educating people on the benefits of Ayurveda to the masses in the most effective ways.

Dr. Suguna Kuroop and Mr. Harshajeet Kuroop together, with sound knowledge and awareness, have brought about transformation in the fields of hospitality and Ayurveda by combining these two industries in an ingenious way. We hope you experience the best of the best at Green Gram Wellness Village and enjoy a healthy and happy association with us.  


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