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An Ode to Ayurveda

Green Gram Wellness Village in a Nutshell

Since our humble beginning 22 years ago we have always strived for contributing our best through the medium of Ayurveda for our guests and well wishers.  Our Ayurvedic village, the Green Gram Wellness Village is an outcome of years of service. The Green Gram Wellness Village, set on the banks of the River Periyar offers you an experience steeped in tradition and authenticity.

We have carried out extensive research and practice in Ayurvedic wellness centres across Mumbai, Bangalore, Goa, Delhi, Kolkata, Chennai and the Himalayas. Our knowledge, experience and our ability to customise solutions for various diseases and life style related issues have brought about successful results. Green Gram Wellness village is an Ode to Ayurveda, an everlasting song.



The architecture at Green Gram Wellness Village is simple and retains the age old Kerala charm. It consists of a mix of simple yet elegantly furnished cottages, Boat Villas and rooms in the main building with most of them having a river view.


The food in Green Gram Wellness Village is pure Satvik vegetarian cuisine, which tantalizes the taste buds but at the same time is healthy. It consists of mostly organic food.


Sanskrit our temple of healing, an initiative of KeralaVaidyashala (India)

Nestled among the Nutmeg trees is SANSKRIT, our place of healing. We believe that each individual is unique.


Sanskrit is at the hands of experienced Doctors who treat disorders ranging from Osteo Arthritis, Rheumatoid arthritis, Spondylitis, gout, Musculoskeletal problems, Nervous disorders, Strokes, Paralysis, Piles, Gastrointestinal  problems, Allergies, skin disorders, Diabetes, Insomnia, Scoliosis,  Leaky gut syndrome,  Respiratory disorders, Spine problems, sciatica,  Slip Disc, Frozen shoulder, Migraine, sinusitis, Gynaecological disorders, pre and post pregnancy care etc..


Abhyangam – The crown Jewel of rejuvenation

This involves a full body oil therapy done in the traditional Kerala Ayurvedic way that kneads away the tension and the pain, boosting blood circulation etc.

Shirodhara – The third Eye opener

Doze off into a deep slumber as the medicated oils, buttermilk, milk falls on to your forehead in a relaxing and rhythmic manner. This relieves stress, insomnia, depression, Skin diseases, hair fall, and memory loss and nourishes the nerves and sense organs. It delays the ageing process and brings a sense of deep inner calm. 

Kizhi – Bundle away your aches and pains

A treatment with bolus of herbal leaves or powdered herbs dipped in medicated oils. This reduces inflammation, stiffness and drives away aches and pains.

Navarakizhi - Nourish your bones and erase your wrinkles

A treatment with medicated rice processed in milk and herbs and tied into boluses.  This nourishes the bones and skin and is excellent in relaxing the muscles.

Udvartanam – Throw your weight not around but away.

Powdered herbs either dry or with liquids are massaged on to the body to eliminated excess fat and tone the body. This also exfoliates the skin and leaving it smooth and glowing.

Pizhichil - Bend it like Beckham

Soak your body in litres of oil that is poured on the body in a rhythmic and soothing manner. This nourishes all the nerves of the body and makes your body supple, soft and flexible.

Ksheera Kashaya Dhara – The Milky way

Medicated Milk is poured all over the body to strengthen the body and to nourish the skin leaving it soft and lustrous.

Vasti - The Gut feeling

This involves enemas with medicated oils or decoctions which address the gastrointestinal problems, orthopaedic problems or simply cleanse, detoxify and renew the cells of the gut.

Nasyam – Breathe easy

Medicated oil is carefully administered in the nostrils to relieve congestion in the sinus, nourish the nerves and enhance the workings of the sensory organs.

Tarpanam - Beauty lies in the Eyes of the beholder

The eyes are gently immersed in medicated ghee enclosed in an eye frame. This soothes and nourishes the eyes and helps in treating optic nerve degeneration.

Shirovasti - The chef’s medical cap

A leather cap similar to a Chefs Cap is fitted on the head and completely filled with oil. This is useful in cases of Trigeminal Neuralgia, Bells Palsy, Memory loss and other neurological problems.

Thalapothichil - Head full of hair.

A treatment for hair loss, dandruff and greying of hair. It nourishes the hair and leaves them soft to the touch.

BEAUTY & Soundarya Kaya Lahiri

Our beauty section deals with beauty. Using organic cream, pure essential oils, wild turmeric, sandal paste, Himalaya flower oil, Seamud, Honey, Aloe gels, Rose petal distillate with pure Indian beauty rituals for skin and hair. For Brides to be we have the Soundarya Kaya Lahiri package for 7 -14 days for that irresistible wedding glow.


All the packages encompass nature and the classical Ayurvedic Scriptures that include Dina Dinacharya (the daily regimen), Ritucharya (the seasonal treatments), Viharam (the lifestyle), Aharam (the diet), Oushadam (the medicines & treatments) and Atma Mano Satwam (refinement of mind, body and soul). Our rejuvenation therapies include Ayurvedic therapies, dietary changes, Yoga Asanas and Meditation that focus on balancing the three doshas in our bodies. 

Ritucharya - Seasonal changes.

We, at Green Gram Wellness Village, keep researching on the seasonal changes and effects these changes have on our bodies and our minds. We think that it is imperative that with every altering component in the universe and the atmosphere, we need to modify our approach while dealing with them. Hence, Ritucharya (seasonal treatments) are important for us and we, at Green Gram Wellness Village have packages designed to help you embrace seasonal changes happily.

Panchkarma Therapy - 

Panchakarma is a detoxification therapy in Ayurveda. This process is known as Snehana. Snehana is followed by Swedana, wherein we liquefy the doshas in the body. The liquefying process later induces bowel movement in the patients and allows detoxification as the toxins are eliminated either through therapeutic vomiting or in the form of faeces through the rectum.

"Here are some packages we offer at Green Gram Wellness Village"

Anandam (Stress Free)

Feel the stress, tension and depression leaving your body and being replaced by a sense of deep inner calm and vitality with treatments, yoga and music that soothe your body and soul. 

Packages (7/14/21/28)

  Vimukti (Detox)

Are you loaded with toxins? Feel uneasy, bloated and underproductive? It’s time for detoxification. 

This package will cleanse and purify your body and mind and keep diseases at bay.

Packages (14/21/28)

Soundarya & Sthoulya (Beauty & weight)

A unique package which addresses the beauty of a person inside out. It focuses on weight loss with ayurvedic treatments, diet, herbal juices and special beauty treatments for the skin and hair.

Packages (14/21/28)

Shringara - A therapy based on Ayurvedic principles with Fruits and Herbs to make the skin soft, smooth and glowing including a wrap in Banana leaf.

Devyani –

A therapy based on Ayurvedic principles with roses and milk that makes the skin soft, beautiful and adds much more nourishment to the skin.

"DENT" – 

DENT is our classical treatment for the Eyes, Nose, Throat and Dental care. We prescribe ayurvedic medicines along with therapies that bring enhance the existing qualities of the sensory organs and help our guests to continue using herbal solutions to issues related to the eyes, nose, throat and teeth.


Regain Stomach is our special package for gastrointestinal disorders like IBS, Leaky gut syndrome, Ulcerative colitis, etc. We have designed this package to include necessary ayurvedic therapies, dietary changes and physical activities through Yoga asana and Meditation.

“Freedom" –

The Freedom package is our custom made Menopause care package that includes ayurvedic therapies, dietary changes and physical activities through Yoga asana and Meditation.

"Naariswedam" – 

Naariswedam is our world class Pre & Post Natal care package. We have designed this package on the age old text of Ayurveda & Yoga that have time and again proven highly beneficial in the pre and post natal stages of womanhood.

"Lumbar" – 

Our Lumbar package is Green Gram Wellness Village’s special package that focuses on treating spinal issues and strengthening the spine.



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