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Elephant Karal

Kerala is known for its elephant training centres at various locations in the state. Elephants have an important place in the Indian culture and mythology. They are treated and care and attention and considered auspicious and as the sons of the Western Ghats. They are included in our prayers and out celebrations in all their majestic manifestation. Elephant processions are a part of all our processions as they bring grandeur, elegance and strength to the celebrations.

One of the largest training centres for elephants is the Kodanad Elephant training centre. The centre is 25 kilometres from Green Gram Wellness Village is situated in the serene greenery of Kodanad on the banks of River Periyar. Initially, the locals skilled in capturing elephants would capture the majestic beings from the forests around Kodanad and held them in Kodanad, however ever since the Government put a ban on capturing elephants, the locals do not hold them captive but treat the surrounding areas as a training centre to nurture the Elephants.

Other than Kodanad, there are training centres at Perumbavooris (24 kilometres from Green Gram), Muthanga (236 kilometres from Green Gram Wellness Village) and Konni (162 kilometres from Green Gram Wellness Village). Our guests can check with us regarding tours to these centres and experience the gentle love and care these majestic beings bestow upon us. 


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