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Importance of Diet and Nutrition

Diet means the intake of specific foods or nutrition for maintaining overall health and a healthy body weight. Nutrition involves ingestion and absorption of the food energy in the form of vitamins, fibres, minerals, fats, proteins, calcium and carbohydrates in balanced quantities. Hence we always recommend a balanced diet to provide appropriate nutrition for our patients. A balanced diet nourishes the body, provides enough amount of energy, helps maintain a strong immunity and eliminate toxins from the body. All these in turn improve the quality of life.

At Green Gram Wellness Village, we have treated all forms of ailments in the past 22 years through dietary changes. The knowledge and experience we have gained from the Ayurvedic Centres we have worked with previously has allowed us to help patients across Mumbai, Goa, Bangalore, Delhi, Chennai, Kolkata and various locations in the Himalayas. We have gained a vast experience by working with these centres and have researched various ailments and brought about improvements in the quality of life through successful application of Ayurvedic Therapies. Diet and Nutrition is one aspect that is never left out at Green Gram Wellness Village throughout the treatment. We have even experienced cases where only dietary changes have brought about miraculous results.

Our bodies constitute of three doshas – Vata, Kapha and Pitta. Vata comprises the air component of the body. Hence it is associated with creativity, change, dryness and lightness. Kapha is associated with density, oiliness and stability. Hence it is associated with the state of mind, body weight, cholesterol levels etc. Pitta is associated with the fire and water elements of the body. Hence it is associated with confidence and drive in a person. So you know now that these three doshas together control our physical, mental and spiritual health. At Green Gram Wellness Village, we help balance these doshas appropriately with the help of ayurvedic therapies, herbal medicines and intelligent eating choices. We help our patients modify their choice of foods depending on their condition to rejuvenate and provide ample energy to face the world.  

Economy room - Rs. 2,975
Economy room with , Television Rs2975/  includes One Ayurvedic treatment   & veg meals.

Regular cottage room - Rs. 4,750
Regular cottage room, with Wi-Fi, A/c, Television Rs4750/  includesYoga, Meditation, One full body Ayurvedic treatment in the morning and partial treatment in the afternoon & veg meals.

Premium cottage room - Rs. 6,750
Premium cottage room with Wi-Fi, A/c, Television includes Yoga, Meditation, Full body Ayurvedic treatments in the morning and  afternoon& veg meals, Herbal juices ,Airport pickup & drop .Rs 6750/

Suite cottage room - Rs 7,750
Suit cottage room with Wi-Fi, A/c, Television Rs7750/ includes  Yoga, Meditation, Ayurvedic full body  treatments in the morning and afternoon, veg meals,Herbal juices, welcome drink, fruit platter , temple visits/sightseeing,  Airport pickup & drop .

Foreign nationals - $ 100
(Premium Room only) with Wi-Fi, A/c, Television 100 US Dollars Yoga, HV Meditation, Ayurvedic treatments & veg meals,

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