Rama & friends Divine moments@ Greengram

Ms Rama Thangirala,Ms Jemima ,MsAnjali , Ms Mosumi & Ms Rashmi  were good old friends who lived together in Singapore for very long time.They are now in different places like Mumbai ,Banglore & Singapore and they decided to come together for a Rejuvenation week in Keralavaidyashala's  Greengram Ayurveda & Wellness village. They chose this place recomended by their friend Ms Sanchita from Singapore who stayed with family & children for a Rejuvenation fortnight at Greengram.
After arriving late night at Grreengram wellness village , the mesmerizing nature connected ambience of Greengram with the soothing river and emerald greenery helped them to quickly combat their jet lag. 
 Dr Suguna sat with them on a one on one basis and chatted patiently with them about their health and rejuvenation rituals n concept , keeping in mind their minor health issues in their late 40 s.
These were the daily rituals in general which they followed religiously taking breaks for temple visits and shopping at the city side.
DINACHARYA(daily rituals)

  7: 30 A.M : Wake up .
  7: 45a.m – Gandoosham with  herbal mouth wash. 
  8.00a.m  - Herbal medications like Kashyam etc.
  8: 15–Green tea.
  8: 30 a.m – Yoga /Swiming (optional.)
  9: 30 a.m -  Breakfast as per individual diet.
  10: 30 a.m – 12 00 a.m -  Ayurveda therapies based on every individuals which was profiled by Dr suguna earlier depending upon individuals.
  12: 15 a.m -  Herbal juice/ protien drinks based on the climatic condition of that day.
  12: 30  – 1:00 p.m – Library time.
  1:00 p.m -  Delicious Lunch  prepared based again on individual health condition in general.
  1: 30 p.m – 3:00 p.m - Relax
  3:00 – 4:00 p.m -  Ayurvedic ethnic herbs combine which was picked and choosen for individuals seperatly according to individual body constitution  for beauty therapies for face and body structure .
  4:30 p.m – Green Tea with snacks
  4: 45 – 6:00 p.m –optional- Cycling/ Walking
  6: 00 p.m – Kashayam medications if any.
  6: 30 p.m – 7: 00 p.m – Dinner.
  Weekly  Yoga theory ,herbs identifying classes ,healthy cooking classes and live classical entertainment and Jyothishas were highlight  of their stay at greengram.
 (7: 30 p.m  - 9: 00 p.m) –  9: 00 p.m – Bedtime.

Ms Rama was  fond of  Temples and antiques , she went to temples along with her friends specially  a 300 year old Laxman temple 2 k.m away from Greengram .She bought her favourite mud bharani & traditional things from the festival surroundings ,she freaked out with her friends with many rounds of shopping from the festival stalls & celebrating the unbeleivable price  comparison  of Singapore shops .She did not hestitate to whisper in the ears of her doctor  to fullfill her wish to meet an astrologer ( see photographs), which was easily fullfilled  .Her close friend ,a Keralaite  by birth settled in Singapore was equally happy going around temples especialy the churches & shopping .She couldnot  stop her joyfull  smile celebrating home coming and enjoyed  nostalgic moments of Kerala delicacies like Jack fruit ,banana sweet chips & payasam .She even jumped to touch the Jackfruit fruit live with her friends ( see picture).Completetly satisfied Ms Jemima didnot forget to chat with the doctor about her mothers condition in Singapore ,when and how at the earliest she can bring her to Greengram and treat her at Greengram.
Ms Anjaly Krishna presently staying in Mumbai cannot stop praising the nature at its best at Greengram and the flowing  River .She was thanking doctor for the ethnic herbal concoction of milk and medicated flowers. Anjaly s enjoyable (post- Shrodhara therapy)moment was found in her regained revitalised energy which even took back to her memorable college days ,in that pleasant evening she sang ( see photograph of singing )wonderful songs and cherished her wishes of being with her IIT met husband and children who are also wonderful singers. Her friend Ms Rashmi who is into the IT proffession in Banglore was full of energy after detox therapies from Greengram .


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