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Keralavaidyashala's Greengram Ayurveda & Wellness village, a company that pioneered the trend of Wellness in the metros. Kerala Vaidyashala has been instrumental in taking the benefits of Ayurveda to the masses. It pioneered the Ayurveda service industry when many multinationals and traditional Ayurveda companies had failed to do so. Its Wellness village Greengram focuses on giving the best service to its guests with the years of experience in serving guests within India and abroad. Greengram is a unique wellness village with treatment packages utilising the best of traditional medicines combining Ayurveda, Yoga and Meditation, Naturopathy at the temple of your body.We help diagnose conditions and provide the most effective organic medication to heal you. Our team of knowledgeable and experienced specialists treat conditions like stroke, paralysis, diabetes, arthritis, joint pains, anaemia, skin issues, hair loss etc with our specially planned programmes that will help you correct your diet and physical regimes for a long term healing.


Keralavaidyashala's Greengram Ayurveda & Wellness village is located in lush green Elavoor in Kerala in southern India. We are at a short drive (20 minutes) from Cochin International Airport. The closest railway station is Aluva (20 minutes) and the closest bus stands are Angamaly and Aluva – (20 minutes each) Elavoor is a beautiful village. Its people lead a simple, self sufficient life celebrating its rich resources. The pace of life here is unhurried. Endowed with an abundance of greenery, you will find trees bearing nutmeg, jackfruit, mango and rubber on one side and banana and tapioca plantations and wide open fields on the other. Elavoor is also home to a variety of medicinal plants. With the river flowing throughout the length and breadth of Elavoor, the water here is sweet and refreshing. The people take forward its rich culture of tradition and art through regular temple and cultural festivals showcasing Kerala’s art forms like like Kathakali, Ottamthullal, Kathaprasangam and Kalari. Ancient temples like Puthenkavu Bhagvathy temple, Thrikovil temple, Srikrishna temple, Lakshmana temple dot Elavoor. It also boasts of some fine churches. At dusk, the sounds of temple bells and church bells accompanied by chants renders the village with an atmosphere of peace and religious harmony. Go a little further and you will find the mosque in Angamaly town.

Wellness Village

The name Green Gram Wellness Village is inspired by the versatile and nutritious legume – Green Gram, which is known as Moong in Hindi and Cherupayar in Malayalam. Consumption of green gram helps create a balance in the doshas (the energy forces) in our bodies and hence is included in every Indian meal and considered as an Uttam Ahaara (Ideal food). It is also considered as one of the favourite foods of Lord Krishna. It can be consumed cooked or raw and provides ample amount of protein, fibre, vitamins and minerals.

Our Team

Our team of qualified doctors comprises of Ayurvedic physicians & panel doctors Dr Vinod ,Dr Shibu ,Dr Prashanth ,Dr Milna ,Dr Remya and traditional Vaidya Rajesh Vaidyar who are specialising in different fields of Ayurveda like Neurology, Rheumatology, Dermatology, Psychiatry etc. is instrumental in treating a variety of disorders with ayurvedic Panchkarma.

Mr. Harshajeet Kuroop

CEO cum Managing Director

Starting in the Hospitality and Tourism industry, Mr. Harshajeet Kuroop has a rich experience of more than two decades in Business Management in Health, Tourism and Wellness. His creative and philanthropic side led him to head Kerala Vaidyashala, where he brought the ancient art of Ayurveda to the masses. Well acquainted with the ways of the world, he has used his charismatic business sense to model the traditional Ayurveda to address the modern needs and ailments. After Various types of business association within the country with major hospitals, corporate houses, hotels, charity organisations, MNCs, hotels and resorts, he lead Kerala Vaidyashala and Ayurveda to new heights. He also introduced other alternative therapies with the help of experts from the Industry as he strongly believes that each science is an entity in its own right. Different streams can complement each other and join together to form a big stream. In the Wellness areas he gives a wide choice of alternative treatments –like Ayurveda, Homeopathy, Naturopathy, Various Spa Services, Sidha, Unani, Yoga and meditation.

He created and developed a warm and cordial relationship with major health care centres & hospitals and partnered with them India to provide exclusive service for his customers from around world. Mr Kuroop was among the prime promoters of the Kerala tourism sector in nineties. Being the first to introduce the concept of the eco-tourism in metros, he merged the concept of Ayurveda with Medical Tourism at a time when medical tourism had not yet been evolved, and contributed significantly to make it synonymous with Kerala. He conducted the first of its kind Health Car rally in Kerala, and has been instrumental in promoting the concept of Cruise Spas. He was conferred the award in the best spa category by CNBC.

Through Kerala Vaidyashala, Kuroop has introduced the traditional science of Ayurveda into the modern wellness industry. He also introduced the new concepts of Health Car rally and Herbal Juice bar in the Capital of India. For the same, he has won accolades from BBC, Times Group and in electronic and print media. He was the first to set up an Ayurveda Centre along with the Apollo Hospitals Group and spearheaded the movement to bring the Kerala Tourism Sector into the limelight in the nineties. He also introduced the new concept of cruising spa in backwaters of Kerala.

He and his wife Dr suguna kuroop are very passionate about art & culture .They are not only lovers of the night life of Mumbai but also love all traditional Indian dances. They contribute their valuable time for the art and culture of India which are unique and different by promoting and funding these innovative unique art forms which are otherwise dying. The Chhau Dance form of Orissa is one such dance form that they promote. Mr Kuroop has learnt the martial art form of Kerala the Kalari Payattu and owns a Kathakali troupe. Mrs & Mr Kuroop are very fond of Antique collections. Here too they look for those rare pieces that have a story to tell . In fact they live in a 300 year old house which they help to preserve.

Mr Kuroop among his many passions is his is quest for doing everything without harming the environment and nature. He loves animals and plants. Every step he takes he ponders over its effects on nature . He loves gardening and spends many hours indulging this hobby. His other hobbies include playing Golf, Cricket, Football, Basketball and Table Tennis. He spends an hour daily playing Table Tennis. Kuroops are health conscious and hence have chosen their home which is surrounded by gardens and open spaces. He loves travelling to offbeat places, places steeped in spirituality and adventure travels.

Dr. Suguna Kuroop

Director Kerala Vaidyashala

With a commitment to encourage a healthy lifestyle, Mrs. Suguna Kuroop entered the ayurvedic field 12 years ago as Director of Kerala Vaidyashala. Dr Kuroop completed her Bachelor’s degree in Science from Bombay university and degree in Bachelor of Ayurvedic Medicine and Surgery. She passed her exam with honors from the Rajiv Gandhi University, Karnataka.

Dr. Kuroop manages the day to day operations of the centers as well as consults the patients. She oversees the smooth operations of the technical, HR, administration and marketing departments of the company. As part of the Ayurveda Industry she endeavors to bring about a change in the industry in standardization methods and quality control across the board.

Dr Suguna Kuroop’s contribution to the field of ayurveda includes extensive research papers on subjects including:

  • The benefits of “Patanga”, a herb used extensively in drinking water in Kerala, as as a colouring agent in wine and for organic dyeing.
  • On “Karmukta of Virechana” or the “Mode of action of a Purgative” Based on one of the Panch Karma called Virechana, the different types of purgative drugs and how it acts on the body and activates the brain cortex to bring about purgation.
  • On alcoholism and the ayurvedic preparations to combat it.
  • On “Manjishta” a drug known as blood purifier and complexion enhancer and its efficacy in beauty treatments.
  • She spends her spare time, reading books on spirituality, wellness and autobiographic journals. She also enjoys traveling and seeks destinations that allow her to indulge in relaxing spa therapies.
  • With a doctorate in hand and proficiency in 6 languages namely, English, Hindi, Marathi, Malayalam, Tamil and Kannada, Dr. Suguna aims at conquering the Ayurveda Industry by spreading the benefits of Ayurveda to the masses in such a manner that every layman understands the basics of Ayurveda, his constitution or Prakriti and utilise this knowledge to lead a healthier lifestyle.
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