Eye treatments

Eyes, we all know, are complex optical systems and important organs of the visual system. They allow processing visual details by collecting and detecting light from the surroundings, balancing its intensity through a diaphragm and focusing what it collects through an adjustable set of lenses. These visual details or images are then converted to electrical signals and transmitted to the brain through neural pathways. These neural pathways are complex in nature and are connected to the eye from the optic nerve to the visual cortex and further on, the remaining areas of the brain. Human eyes provide a three dimensional and colored still and moving images in the daylight. The entire structure of the eye is divided into two segments – the anterior and the posterior. The anterior segment of the eye is composed of the cornea, the iris and the lens while the posterior segment is composed of the vitreous, retina, choroid and the sclera. The cornea and the sclera are connected by the limbus. The light enters the eye through the cornea into the iris and then proceeds further through the lens which are controlled by the ciliary muscles. The iris controls the amount of light entering and this light further falls on the retina. The retina contains rod and cone cells which are the photoreceptors. The photoreceptors convert light into electrical signals and transmit them to the brain through the optic nerve. This allow us to interpret the colors and depth of the images formed in the eye. Nowadays, due to our stressful lifestyles and susceptibility to innumerable medical conditions can cause harm to our eye eight and hence it is imperative that we take care of our eyes.

A healthy balanced routine will always work wonders for us and we, at Green Gram Wellness Village, pay close attention to the needs of today and treat out patients with the most organic forms of techniques available. We have a number of therapies to relax, rejuvenate and cure many ailments with the help of herbs, herbal mixes and oils. We don’t just focus on the external application of our knowledge of the ancient science, but we also focus the factors that drive internal healing through herbal medicines, herbal therapies, natural and mostly organic diet combined with physical and mental applications of Ayurveda that bring about holistic healing. Patients should note that eye treatments are very sensitive and hence require a lot of discipline. Some cases may require bandaging the eyes for a few hours, however, we ask the patients to avoid reading, watching television, venturing in the sunlight and sleeping during the day time till the treatment is complete. Read on to know more.

  1. Ayurvedic therapies –Some of our therapies are elaborated below.

    1. Nasya - Nasya is a technique that requires administering medicated oils in the nasal cavity. At Green Gram Wellness Village, we chose the oils and herbs that will benefit the most. We make the patient lie down comfortably and administer the oil into the nostrils. It calms down the nervous system, nourishes the nasal cavity, and reduces stress and heaviness around the eyes and the nose.

    2. Shirodhara – In shirodhara, we maintain a constant stream of a medicated liquid on the forehead. We make arrangements for the patients to lie down conformably on a wooden bed and place their head under a vessel designed to maintain a continuous stream of the medicated liquid. The medicated liquid is our custom made mixture that is made of handpicked herbs, oils and buttermilk or milk. This therapy improves blood circulation around the eyes and the forehead, relieves stress, activates the crown chakra and nourishes the scalp. We give the patient this treatment for at least 30 minute every sitting and recommend more sittings to cure headaches completely.

    3. Tarpanam – For Tarpanam, we knead soft and elastic dough and place it carefully around the eye sockets to prepare a dam like structure to retain our medicated Ghee. The herbs we choose at Green Gram Wellness Village are very useful to treat eye ailments, reduce fatigue and stress. The patients are asked to close their eyes and lie down comfortable while we pour the warm medicated ghee mixture carefully in the specially contoured eye dough. Our experts maintain the temperature of the ghee mixture and allow the patient to continue lying down till the oils nourish the eye areas. This therapy also helps avoid optic nerve degeneration.

    4. Eye Dhara – In this therapy, we bathe the patient’s eyes with a medicated liquid and apply a specially prepared herbal paste on the eyelids. If required, we may also add a few drops of medicated eye drops before applying the paste.

  2. Diet – At Green Gram Wellness Village, we extensively use green leafy vegetables, citrus fruits, berries and fruit juices, carrots, tomatoes, bell peppers, pumpkin, flaxseed, whole grains, legumes etc. are rich in omega 3 fatty acids, vitamin E, A and C and help maintain the health of the eyes and healthy vision. The menus we create are a balance to accommodate these vitamins to promote health and rejuvenation.

  3. Exercise routine – Stretching exercises designed specifically for the eyes can be done by one and all. Palming, blinking, front and sideways viewing, up and down viewing, clockwise and anti-clockwise eye rotation, nose tip gazing and near and distant viewing will benefit to maintain the health of the eyes.

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