Animal & bird festival

Jan 15th to Jan 29th
"Enjoy the company of lions& squirrels and discover Ayurveda."

An ocassion to befriend the flora and fauna, animals and birds, that sustain, enliven and ennoble the brief sojourn of ours on this terra firma. Enjoy the company of lions, squirrels, cuckoos and sparrows and let us too roara and warble and dance with them.

Greengram celebrates every year on 15th January as Cows ,animals & birds day festival which coincides with Makar Sankranti & Pongal festival . As the story goes, Shiva sent his Cow Basava to earth to tell the people to have an oil massage everyday. Shiva also sent Basava on earth to plough the fields to create more food for the people. Let the animal & human beings live in harmoney with Nature & Ayurveda Shiva said. Hence January is an auspicious month when Cows are worshipped and it is also auspicious to have an oil massage daily.Rejuvenation of one week package ( which can be extended according to individual needs) is celebrated as  festival of Animals & birds by giving food to Animals & birds .

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