Rheumatoid Arthritis

Rheumatoid arthritis is a condition that affects the joints with symptoms like stiffness, swelling, pain and inflammation. The discomfort tends to multiply when the patients is at rest that means indulges in less or no physical activity. It primarily affects the wrists, hands and fingers, however, since it affects the body movement, it may affect other parts of the body too. Our specialists at Green Gram Wellness Village have observed that the patients suffering from rheumatoid arthritis are usually diagnosed with low amounts of red blood corpuscles and improper functioning of the affected body parts eventually leading to deformity. However, some may be diagnosed with inflammation around the heart and the lungs also. One or a couple of these symptoms may be followed by fatigue and fever. The symptoms don’t really occur at one go. They occur gradually over weeks or months.

Ayurveda addresses the condition of rheumatoid arthritis by prescribing herbal medication, yoga asanas and ayurvedic therapies to decrease the inflammation and reduce pain hence improving the regular functioning of the affected parts of the body. Since rest is an important part of healing, we, at Green Gram Wellness Village encourage our patients to rest appropriately after every therapy. In Ayurveda, this condition is called Sandhivat and it is caused by excessive production of ama in the stomach. Ama is a toxin created by our body due to unhealthy eating habits. This ama circulates in the blood stream and gets deposited in areas that have weakened. This trait is typical in the patients diagnosed with an imbalance in the Vata dosha.

Vata dosha alters the natural state of digestion in a human body and affects the metabolism severely. We, at Green Gram Wellness Village, pay special attention to correct the digestion and metabolism of the affected patients. The programme charted by us for the patients includes a balanced plan of ayurvedic medicines and ayurvedic therapies, diet and exercise. Please read to find out more.

  1. Ayurvedic Therapies – We, at Green Gram Wellness Village include herbs, herbal medicines and ayurvedic therapies to treat patients. The medications prepared by Green Gram Wellness Village are extremely effective in reducing pain and inflammation due to rheumatoid arthritis. We recommend continual treatment for complete recovery. We combine Ayurvedic medicines and therapies with a healthy diet and exercise. The herbal medicines are handpicked carefully by us and these ingredients have natural medicinal properties that aid and improve the quality of life. Some more of our therapies are explained below.

    • Podikizhi – Podikizhi is a technique of an ayurvedic massage with a herbal mixture. It is very effective in treating Arthritis and neuro muscular diseases. We, at Green Gram Wellness Village, combine about 12 chosen herbs and herbal roots, roast them together with salt, coconut and lemon juice and bundle them up in muslin cloth boluses. We heat these bundles again and dip them in a mixture of medicated herbal oils prepared at Green Gram Wellness Village before massaging the patient. The herbs that we choose are the ones with intensely strong hot potency that helps reduce pain and inflammation to a great extent.
    • Udvartanam – Udvartanam is a process wherein fragrant herbal powders are massaged all over the body. We, at Green Gram Wellness Village, choose our herbs carefully to inculcate various natural anti-septic, anti-inflammatory, holistic healing and rejuvenating properties. We carefully massage the mixture of our herbal powders on the patient’s body. The herbs we choose help liquefy and mobilize the fat tissues and balance the Vata dosha.
    • Kashaya Vasti – Kashaya Vasti is an ayurvedic enema technique. We, at Green Gram Wellness Village, prepare a mixture of herbs, rock salt, honey and oils and pour it in a leather sac and heat the sac by immersing it in hot water. We then tie the sac carefully to a vastiyantra (an instrument used to carry out enema). At this stage, we have the necessary oils and the instrument ready to carry out the process of enema. We always make arrangements to ensure the patients are comfortable prior to and during the process and ask the patient to lie down on his back while our experienced specialist introduces the herbal mixture via the instrument carefully and skillfully into the anus of the patient. We allow the patients to continue lying down comfortably till they experience an urge to pass stool. Post a clear bowel movement, we request our patient to take a warm water bath and consume digestible food.
    • Njavarakizhi – This therapy involves bundles of Njavara rice cooked in milk and soaked in a concoction of medicated oils. We, at Green Gram Wellness Village, prepare Njavara rice bundles by cooking them till they are fluffed and soft in muslin boluses. The medicated oil prepared by us is a special mix of oils of various combinations that has healing as well as rejuvenating properties. We heat the rice bundles in milk, dip them in our medicated oil concoction and pat them on the patient’s body to gauge their tolerance to the temperature of the bundles. At preferred temperatures, we massage the patient’s entire body with these soothing bundles. Our patients have always come back with positive feedback stating our therapies relaxes stressed muscles and joints and that they have experienced a great amount of decrease in joint pain.
    • Green Gram Wellness Village exclusive treatment – We, at Green Gram Wellness Village, with our knowledge, experience and research in this area have successfully prepared an exclusive herbal mixture that is made into a paste and applied on the affected areas and kept for about 12 hours. This mixture is a fiery herbal paste and has proven beneficial in treating patients with Rheumatoid Arthritis
  2. Diet – Since this condition is a cause of incorrect digestion, an appropriate diet plays an important role in treating the patients. We, at Green Gram Wellness Village, chart a detailed healthy diet that helps build necessary energy in the body and at the same time, nourish the joints and reduce inflammation. We prepare Indian breads from bajra and wheat that are high on fiber and serve these breads with locally grown organic vegetables, legumes etc that are rich in anti-oxidants, vitamins, protein and minerals. It is imperative that patients avoid foods that are oily and are difficult to digest. Hence, we plan a menu that has absolutely no oily food and is easy on the digestive system. You’ll find ingredients like Methi, Turmeric, Ginger, Garlic, black pepper, raw juices, fresh fruits etc. used extensively in the meals we prepare.
  3. Exercise – As mentioned earlier, the condition worsens when the affected individuals rest or lack physical activities. We, at Green Gram Wellness Village, highly recommend the patients to take long walks and practice yoga asanas suitable to their current movement ability. We recommend gentle poses for the patients at the beginning. Asanas like Pranayama (Breathing methods), Ardha Matsyendrasana (The Spinal Twist), Baddha Konasana (The Cobbler Pose), Ardha Uttanasana (Half standing forward bend pose) etc have proven to bring about positive results.

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