Monsoon festival ( Karkida chikista)

June 15 to August 15

This will be a gala time to drench yourself in he heavenly joy of rain and soak in Ayurvedic oil. South-west and North. East monsoon will rain on you experiences the like of which you must never have got so far. We have surprise up our sleeve for you. Come, dance , enjoy the whole year after a great monsoon panchakarma ayurvera rejuvenation which is universally famous through our brand

The month long festival designed to suit every individuals. As Kerala is one of the best naturally blessed place accross the globe, it has more health speciality during the monsoon season , which creates magic during this season by nature. Since Kerala has two rainy seasons one in June/ july & second in mid october upto November midle ,the temperature generaly ranges from 29 to 23 degree centrigate during theese twin monsoon Kerala ,hence it is right temperature for the ayurvedic therapies .The age old traditions of Ayurveda prefers perfect moist & coolness which  opens up the pores of our skin 25% more comparing to any other climate. The natural opening up of pores helps in scientificaly integrating  more herbs & oil to our body so the curing effect is faster compared to other seasons.

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