March 15 onwards
"Soothen & sharpen your brains  through Ayurveda "
March 1st to 15th

We, here, always associate letters and learning with Goddess Saraswathi. The auspiciousness and elan we attach to this unique fete is unparalleled. In the torrid and horrendous heat of March, the testing time for corporate giants and scholars. We soothen your brains through this 'Shirodhara' - the sraswathi  festival.

The third eye Opener which is called as  Memory booster.( its exam time)  Have the memory of an elephant. March 1st to 7th is celebrated as a Memory boosting festival. During this period boost your children's memory with treatments like Shirodhara, Takradhara, Thalapothichil which increases memory power and is said to open your third eye.  These and other treatments will help your children to perform better in their exams without taking stress.

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