Beauty and Anti- Aging

Beauty is a visual characteristic of a human being, an animal, a location or an object. It is defined further as the characteristic that provides an experience of pleasure or satisfaction. It is usually considered and studied as a component of social psychology and sociology other than aesthetics and culture. Hence, the definition of an ideal beauty is something that possesses features that are closely associated with the idea of beauty in a particular society and is considered perfect according to the group. The idea of beauty in an entity is basically a harmonious balance with the nature as we see it and this balance creates a sense of attraction and emotional wellbeing. Hence, the famous proverb ‘Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder’ proves accurate as different individuals will perceive the same entity differently dependent on their preference of balance with nature.

The usual perception of beauty is related to age. Ageing is a natural process of degeneration that leaves various signs on the skin and the body. Spots, wrinkles, patches etc are common signs of ageing. Age combined with many other factors like exposure to the sun, exposure to toxins, lifestyle choices, unhealthy eating habits, lack of water consumption, lack of exercise etc can lead to or aggravate the signs of ageing in an individual. These are considered as the external factors that accelerate ageing. The internal factors are the normal functioning of the body that slows down with age and worsens due to the external factors. Nowadays, the demands of staying fit and looking younger are taking a toll on people. It is imperative that they understand that the ageing process is a natural process, however if signs of ageing appear early in life, they can be controlled with the effective ayurvedic treatments we advise.

In ayurveda, beauty and ageing issues are due to an imbalance in the Vata Dosha. Ayurveda also functions on the ideologies of maintaining a balance with nature, as explained earlier.  At Green Gram Wellness Village, we think a balance is important but the balance is not just focussed on the external appearance. Ayurveda is an organic science of holistic healing – the body, the mind and the soul. We, at Green Gram Wellness Village, follow the classical Ayurvedic scriptures that include Dinacharya (daily routine), Ritucharya (Seasonal treatments), Viharam (Lifestyle choices), Aharam (The diet), Oushadam (Medicines/ therapies) and Atma Mano Satwam (Refinement of the mind, body and soul). Through our well defined programmes, you will not only find a way to rejuvenate your beauty, but also learn a way of life to maintain your health and prolong your attractiveness with a healthier and younger looking body.

We have been treating our patients to maintain their health for the past 22 years and our observations, experience and research has helped us in implementing the ancient great deeds of Ayurveda . The Beauty and Anti-ageing programmes we plan are a beautiful amalgamation of a healthy diet, yoga asanas and ayurvedic therapies. Read on to know more.

1.    Ayurvedic therapies - We have elaborated some of our best ancient healing therapies below.

a.    Abhyangam – For abhyangam, we prepare a mixture of herbal oils that has proven useful to nourish the skin and the body and relieves stress. Our experienced practitioners massage the patients with this herbal oil mixture all over the body. This therapy balances the vata dosha, increases blood circulation, reduces wrinkles and helps maintain a serene glowing skin.
b.    Shringara – Shringara, as the name suggests, is a beauty treatment for bringing out your hidden beauty. At Green Gram Wellness Village, we begin with a gentle exfoliation with a carrot and herb scrub. Post exfoliation, a soothing oil massage with herbal oils that have beautifying properties is given to the guests by our experienced practitioners. The massage is followed by the application of a fragrant herbal beauty paste. The areas the paste has been applied is wrapped in banana leaves. At Green Gram Wellness Village, this therapy is a two hour long therapy. The ayurvedic process will leave your skin soft, radiant and glowing.
c.    Devyani – Devyani is our well known ayurvedic therapy to emerge fair and lovely like a Goddess. At Green Gram Wellness Village, we begin this therapy with a scrub made of pink Himalayan salts to exfoliate the skin. This is followed by a massage with a rich and creamy paste made of roses petals, milk and whitening herbs. Finally a full body dhara with fragrant and cooling medicated milk is given to the guests. The therapy lasts for about two hours and we are sure this will make you look and feel as divine as a Goddess.
d.    Soundarya Kaya Lahiri - Saundarya Kaya Lahiri is a seven day beauty treatment for Brides to be. At Green Gram Wellness Village, we focus on each and every aspect of the body. Hence this package consists of 2 hour holistic beauty rituals daily.

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