Leaky gut Syndrome

Leaky gut syndrome is a condition wherein the intestines become permeable and allow undigested foods and toxins to enter the blood stream. The intestinal tract in our bodies is designed to absorb all the nutrients beneficial to the body during digestion and expel the waste or the toxins. The condition allows toxins to also get absorbed in the body and enter the blood stream. There are a number of causes that lead to leaky gut syndrome. Allergies to certain foods and damage or inflammation due to parasites are some of them. Common symptoms of this condition are bloating, bowel changes, joint pain, skin issues, allergies, fatigue, restlessness etc. The condition leads to further stress on the liver, the kidneys and hence impact the complete immune system. The condition is also associated with the mood components in our body, hence mood swings, depressions, varied tolerance levels are some of the symptoms for the condition.

Since this condition is associated with the digestive system, at Green Gram Wellness Village, we recommend our patients to consume a diet that is easy on the digestive system. Ingredients grown organically like carrots, cabbage, squash, peas, rice, turmeric, ginger, fenugreek etc are easily digested and support the epithelial cells which repair the leaky guts. We include a healthy balance of good quality fats like Ghee (clarified butter); coconut oil in the menu to enable detoxification by supporting the liver and foods or medicines that lead to growth of parasites in the body are should be completely avoided.

According to ayurveda, the digestive system is associated with the fire component of our body. So, basically it is an imbalance in the Pitta Dosha. Hence, at Green Gram Wellness Village, we highly recommend herbs and herbal combinations to sooth the fire component while treating our patients with the leaky gut syndrome. Anti-inflammatory herbs like the aleo-vera gel, ajruna, amalaki, turmeric, ashwagandha etc are prescribed to treat the condition as they improve the epithelial lining of the gut and promote healthy absorption of nutrients in the body. We also ensure that ingredients that could worsen the conditions, like carbohydrates, sugar (refined sugar) are appropriately used or avoided completely depending on the status of the condition. Some of the ayurvedic therapies are given below which may be prescribed by us.

  1. Abhyangam – For abhyangam, we prepare a mixture of herbal oils that has proven useful to nourish the skin and the body and relieves stress. Our experienced practitioners massage the patients with this herbal oil mixture all over the body. This therapy balances the vata dosha, increases blood circulation, reduces wrinkles, helps maintain a serene glowing skin and relaxes the stressed muscles in the body.

  2. Takradhara – For Takradhara, we prepare a solution of buttermilk and medicated herbs and pour the mixture on the entire body of the patient. The therapy nourishes the body, promotes detoxification and strengthens the immunity.

  3. Dhyanyamla Dhara – In Dhyanyamla Dhara, we pour a fermented and medicated liquid on the patient’s entire body. The medicated mixture is carefully chosen by our Green Gram Wellness Village experts and fermented for a specific time before applying on the patient’s body. The mixture y helps the body release toxins through sweat and promotes detoxification of the body.

  4. Vasti Therapy – At Green Gram Wellness Village, after studying ailment, we may recommend a series of enemas to strengthen the wall of the gut, help revive the mucosal layer of the gut and to expel the toxins circulating in the gut. For carrying out vasti therapy, we prepare a special concoction of oils and introduce into the rectum of the patient while the patient is lying comfortably over a wooden bed. The liquid is introduced via a leather sac known as the Vastiyantra. The warm concoction of oils introduced induces bowel movement and promotes detoxification by expelling waste products from the body and making the body lighter than before. The Vasti therapy repairs the gut and strengthens the immunity.

We highly recommend that you avoid stress, consumption of antibiotics and ensure there are no infections to be able to treat the condition effectively. Stress and lack of exercise further impact the immune system and cause psychological issues. We recommend our patients to indulge in light and healthy activities like walking, gentle yoga asanas, meditation etc. It is important that while the patients are getting treated for the condition, they maintain a high level of immunity to be able to control the adverse effects of the pathogenic bacteria growing inside the body. We urge the patients to consult us and our instructors to get a refined regimen planned for them.

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