Sinus, Migraine headache

Sinus, also called Sinusitis is a condition that causes an inflammation of the sinuses that is caused by viral infections, air pollution or due to allergies. The most common symptom of the condition is a plugged nose due to the formation of this sinus in the nasal cavity. This blockage causes trouble breathing and pain in the face around the nose and the eyes including the forehead. Some patients may experience rise in the body temperature, sore throat and cough. It condition stays for a few weeks but if it stays longer, it’s called chronic sinusitis.

Migraine is a condition of recurrent headaches ranging in severity wherein the patients experience pulsating headache in one half of the head area for a few days. These headaches are accompanied by symptoms like sensitivity in the sensory organs especially to light and sound, nausea and sometimes vomiting. The condition is caused due to changing hormonal levels in the body or could be genetically passed on.

Ayurveda defines these conditions an imbalance in the Pitta dosha. At Green Gram Wellness Village, we have been following the classical Ayurvedic Scriptures to balance the doshas in the body for the past 22 years. These scriptures include Dina Dinacharya (the daily regimen), Ritucharya (the seasonal treatments), Viharam (the lifestyle), Aharam (the diet), Oushadam (the medicines & treatments) and Atma Mano Satwam (refinement of mind, body and soul). Our treatment solutions for guests suffering from Sinus and Migraine headaches include Ayurvedic therapies, dietary changes and meditation. We have explained a few therapies below.

  1. Shirodhara – In shirodhara, we maintain a constant stream of a medicated liquid on the forehead. We make arrangements for the patients to lie down conformably on a wooden bed and place their head under a vessel designed to maintain a continuous stream of the medicated liquid. The medicated liquid is our custom made mixture that is made of handpicked herbs, oils and buttermilk or milk. This therapy improves blood circulation around the eyes and the forehead, relieves stress, activates the crown chakra and nourishes the scalp. We give the patient this treatment for at least 30 minute every sitting and recommend more sittings to cure headaches completely.

  2. Shirovasti – For this therapy, we make the patient sit upright comfortably and massage the body with our special oil concoction before beginning the process of shirovasti. We prepare soft and elastic dough from wheat flour to seal the areas to be treated. A leather cap made especially for this therapy is placed on the patients head and sealed with the dough from the inside and the outside. We then pour a mixture of medicated oils into the cap. The mixture of oils is a custom made mix at Green Gram Wellness Village. We maintain the temperature of the oils throughout the process and ensure the patient is given the therapy for the required amount of time. Shirovasti helps balance the doshas that govern the head area and reduce headaches, confusion and stress.

  3. Sneha Nasya – Sneha Nasya is a technique that requires administering medicated oils in the nasal cavity. At Green Gram Wellness Village, we chose the oils and herbs that will benefit the most. We make the patient lie down comfortably and administer the oil into the nostrils.

Diet plays an important role in reducing the pain and health issues caused by these conditions. It is important that the right ingredients are cooked and consumes in the right way to enable the body to digest food easily. We, at Green Gram Wellness Village, chose organic fresh fruits and vegetables that do not clog the system and promote healthy bowel movement. We ensure that our guests do not skip their meals and provide them with warm and nourishing menu on a daily basis during their stay with us.

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